Scary Godmother is a series of childrens books by Eisner Award winner Jill Thompson. They have been collected into full color volumes with some great extras. There have been two animated specials and at the moment she is in development of a Scary Godmother doll. 🙂

In 1999 my husband and I competed with these costumes at the San Diego Comic Con Masquerade and WON! We went and saw Jill at her booth the next day as she was unable to view the masquerade. Eventually we ended up shipping the Bug-a-Boo costume to her in Chicago, since she was producing a live theater version of her first Scary Godmother book.

My husband and I flew out for a very blustery weekend to see the play and have dinner with Jill and her husband Brian. (2001 at the Athenaeum Theater in Chicago)  Jill painted the floors, walls and most of the sets and props for the play.  Bug-a-Boo now resides in her office.
Clips from the Play:

I also recommend her Magic Trixie books (in full color!)