Walk around costume commissioned by Cynthia Mendez for SDCC 2011

Cyn found her way to me by two other people I know. Luckily she came prepared with LOTS of reference photos, not to mention the one’s I ended up finding online. When we started talking about the costume in March of that year she initially only wanted the bodysuit. Someone else was going to make all her leather parts.
Long story short, that person bailed on her she ended up getting a new costume from head to toe.
Only her goggles, the shin guards, hose and the boots where purchased. All were altered with paint and fabrics and distressed.

Her gun is an air soft gun. It’s got a really nice weight which looks good in photos.

Her bodysuit which is the main piece of the outfit was made entirely from scratch. A full mock-up was made beforehand and then all the different fabrics where layered together to created her bodysuit.
Sounds simple? Nope.
There are five different fabrics that make up the bodysuit and all the black bias trim was handmade from fabric strips to get the right sizes. Using the reference photos we found online we were able to match colors, textures and stretch. There is a layer of sheer fabric that goes on top of another custom dyed fabric to create a moire pattern on the sides of the bodysuit.
Some of the fabrics were stretch and some had to be cut on the bias to be able to stretch. An industrial upholstery zipper was used in the front. She is wearing a corset-like undergarment to keep everything smooth.

Her front criss-cross harness, the belts with long fringe and her holsters with all their hardware, were created by a local leather worker.  That saved major amounts of time with the fittings and other costume work happening that year.

Her long fringe gloves and the ammo clip holder on her back were all sized to her and made from scratch. The gloves have a ton of brass snaps, buckles and a sheer panel insert. The ammo clips were all sculpted and then vaccuformed with ABS plastic, so she wouldn’t have additional weight to wear all day.
The Tomahawk handle was a hammer handle that was stained and wrapped with straps. The head, with it’s heart shaped cut out, was sculpted in rigid foam and then vaccuformed in ABS plastic in two parts. Once glued it was attached to the handle and wrapped with strapping. A thin line of silver paint was added to finish it off.

Two suede pouches were made to attach to the belt because you have to have your cell phone, hotel key and cash someplace.

The last item to be finished were the boots. After searching high and low Cyn decided on a low-heeled boot for comfort.
Suede extension pieces were added to the tops of the boots. There were straps, metal pointy bits and lots of zippers added too.

Cyn met up with two other friends who went as ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Amber’. They were invited by Gentle Giant to come by the booth in costume. Gentle Giant had one of the large bunny mech robots on display, so the girls were able to pose for pictures next to that. It’s a good thing I was wrangling that day because they stopped traffic for quite some time with everyone wanting photos. LOL!

Kevin Green is the photographer for some of the photos. Thanks Kevin!