How to order

How are costumes made?
My specialty is costumes that you can actually WEAR. With years of experience working on film and TV sets I know how important it is for a costume to be comfortable, durable, and useable, and not only look great in photos.

At some point you’re going to want to go to the bathroom or have lunch, and when that time comes you’ll be happy that we worked in “wearable” elements. Each costume is tailor made to you, I do not keep an inventory of pieces in stock, nor do I have multiple sizes of each garment that you see on this site.

Unless you find something in my Etsy store, everything is a custom order and thus requires time and planning to research, source materials, prep and finish the work.

How much will my costume cost?
Costume prices typically start around $350, and can run high depending on the complexity of the work, and quality of the materials. If you have a question about a price on a costume, please fill out the custom order form so I can adequately evaluate what you’re looking for.

There are many DIY resources on the internet, with most costume clubs providing “how to” instructions for more popular items. If you’re crafty and low on cash this is a great way to get involved in the costuming community!

How long it will take to create?
Costumes can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 10 weeks to create, so please allow enough time for us to work together to achieve exactly what you’re after.  If you need your costume for a specific event PLAN AHEAD! Many customers come to me a year in advance to make sure they get the outfit they want.

“Con season” begins in mid-SPRING and typically runs until the end of July. If you know what you want for next con season I recommend getting in touch sooner rather than later. The more research and references you can provide the faster I can work.

From March through July my schedule can fill up very quickly, and then again from August through Halloween. I have cut off dates to allow for work to be completed during “con season” and anything for Halloween. If something has come up at the last minute I recommend getting in touch with the many costume houses in the Los Angeles area.

I do not start construction on a costume until I receive payment and nothing will ship or be delivered until full payment has been received.

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  • Andrea did an amazing job on my costume for Comic Con. Not only was there fantastic attention to detail it was actually comfortable to wear, which is saying something when it’s 85 degrees and you’re clad in vinyl! Thanks so much!

    - Verona as PANDORA from Guitar Hero
  • Andrea’s designs added enormous visual appeal to my last film, and were a powerful tool for revealing character. But beyond that, her attention to the details of how the costumes would be used –how the actors would need to move in them and in what environments– proved critical when we got around to filming fight scenes in hot weather. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    - Keith Hartman, Director of REAL HEROES
  • When we needed period costumes for our choir’s Renaissance Christmas pageant, Andrea was our go-to person.  We were pleased with the quality and the quick turn-around time.  Her attention to detail made the costumes pop, and added that “something extra” for our performances.


    - Dennis Schamp, Bass Section Leader San Diego Mesa College Chorus

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