Consultation, Design and Fitting Process

The Consultation:

A one-on-one consultation by scheduled appointment only is available to those in the Los Angeles area.  Please note that there is a consultation fee of $25.

The scheduled appointment is a one hour consultation where we discuss your project. We will cover various aspects of the design if based on an existing design, preferred colors and likes and dislikes of the proposed costume. Another purpose of your consultation is to discuss fabric, color and/or embellishment alternatives. We will look through color shade cards. We may look through my many period costume reference books to establish exactly the look you wish to achieve.

If this is a historical recreation we’ll cover time periods, proper undergarments and details you like. Proper undergarments will give you the correct silhouette when recreating garments from different times periods. Without them you will look strange in your outfit.

You should have all your reference materials with you during this meeting. I prefer high resolution, full color copies to be used as reference as this helps determine the design process and supply cost.

Design Process:

Once all the aspects of your project have been discussed, a rough sketch and estimate are produced.

Upon client approval of the rough sketch and estimate, a final proposal with full color designs and fabric swatches will be submitted for client approval and sign-off. Once approved, a contract is signed, your measurements are taken and a 50% deposit is required. Client will retain a copy of the contract for any questions that may arise.

Fittings: Burbank/Los Angeles area

A fitting will be scheduled and your measurements will be taken at the studio. At this time a muslin mock-up will be created. Typically fittings will consist of three visits depending on the complexity of the outfit and availability of materials used. Individual pieces are carefully constructed and follow up fittings are scheduled if needed. Missing fittings will delay completion of outfit and are the responsibility of the client to reschedule with designer.

Made to Measure:

Garments are made to your own individual measurements and requirements, based on measurements that the customer supplies. This service usually is for the out of town customer who is not available for fittings.

Please use the measuring chart provided on the web site or contact us with questions if you live outside of the Los Angeles area.

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  • Andrea did an amazing job on my costume for Comic Con. Not only was there fantastic attention to detail it was actually comfortable to wear, which is saying something when it’s 85 degrees and you’re clad in vinyl! Thanks so much!

    - Verona as PANDORA from Guitar Hero
  • Andrea’s designs added enormous visual appeal to my last film, and were a powerful tool for revealing character. But beyond that, her attention to the details of how the costumes would be used –how the actors would need to move in them and in what environments– proved critical when we got around to filming fight scenes in hot weather. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    - Keith Hartman, Director of REAL HEROES
  • When we needed period costumes for our choir’s Renaissance Christmas pageant, Andrea was our go-to person.  We were pleased with the quality and the quick turn-around time.  Her attention to detail made the costumes pop, and added that “something extra” for our performances.


    - Dennis Schamp, Bass Section Leader San Diego Mesa College Chorus

Clients and Awards